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Physical and Mental Grit

Athletes are known for their endurance, strength, agility, and mental toughness. At Mad House Boxing and Sports Performance, we tap into that grit and help you push the limits to be a stronger you – physically and mentally. Our boxing/kickboxing workouts are fight-based training regiments focused on conditioning and fight technique. Classes involve heavy bags and mitt work, while incorporating rounds of plyometrics, speed drills, and core exercises to create a high intensity (and fun) workout. Our sports performance program leverages a similar philosophy, with a focus on speed, strength, and coordination. It is tailored for each athlete to help him/her optimize performance.

See the Difference

The Mad House Boxing and Sport Performance Gym is the game changer in Carroll County! Our programs will help you reach your fitness goals and hone your self defense skills at the same time. Our sport performance program will have your athlete winning that starting position and dominating on the field.