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Being a 35-year-old businessman with 3 boys and a lovely wife at home everyday life can be time-consuming spending a lot of energy away with is worth it when it comes to spending time with the family. I refuse to be the typical dad with the dad bob and sign up to some overcrowded gym to only go and do bench press and bicep while teenage boy shows me how it’s really done. Or spend all this money on supplements that not doing anything but probably destroying my liver

First off the boxing training is non-contact unless I want it to be contacted but you step in the ring with a skills coach who teaching you not beating you a rented mule. What’s making feel 21 again well is this

Be told I have to jump rope for 3 rounds for 3 minutes each with a one minute break. The wind sprints really fire up my whole body! The boxing technique and having to remember the order that I was told to punch in. The footwork drills heavy bag drills shadow boxing drills me moving left, right, laterally backward, forward, up, down.

Going to a gym and doing traditional weight lifting is not an athletic movement? It hurt my joints I normally won’t do any cardio and I? not consisted with a regular routine.

Boxing target my stomach area also my joints feel great my core is stronger my balance is better and I have ENERGY for days! Then when I can´t perform an activity they show me another way then if that’s too hard they give me a modified exercise.

That will build me up to the original one to sum it all up. I don´t feel vulnerable I know I can protect myself and my loves one with my hand if need to be.

Best of all I know the body is a condition to last time for a longer period of time. My confidence level is where is used to be and I’m always getting comment on how I look best training choice I made in years.

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