Fitness Boxing

Ages: 20 & Up

Total Body Conditioning

If you can move, you can TRAIN! Adult fitness boxing classes start at age 20. Fitness boxing is aimed toward increasing strength, stamina, endurance, power, core strength, leg strength, and above all, self-defense. While building muscle and burning calories, fitness boxing members learn self-defense and have fun at the same time!


Boxing Fitness Programs

The one-on-one fitness boxing program trains gym members with 50% boxing and 50% weight training. Some training days include hitting the technique pad AND hitting the weight room.
Weekly and monthly goals are set to gauge progress. Fitness boxing members will be hitting the technique pads for improved accuracy and progress to face shots. Trainees hit the heavy bag and body suit building up endurance and power.

Fitness Classes

1-hour boxing classes are broken down into rounds. Most classes will be 12 rounds of boxing training with one break between each round.
Intensive classes begin with 3 rounds of jumping rope, 3 rounds of shadow boxing and 2 rounds of abdominal core workout.


HIIT Classes

High Impact Interval Training are high intensity boxing classes with rounds. Each round is designed for your optimal performance within 3 minutes. This is when “work at your own intensity level” kicks in. Over time, the rounds will build up and boxers will progress to more advanced levels of training.


Hit the Bag

Hit The Bag membership offers an intro class on how to use proper technique. In the intro class, students will learn the six-count punch combination. No additional classes are offered beyond the intro class.
Hit The Bag membership is recommended for boxers who want gym access to hit the bag.



The minimum age is 16 years old.

Classes are held daily. See our class schedule for details.

The classes last one hour. It is not mandatory to train for the full hour if you are not able to.

Yes. Fitness boxing is non-contact training. You will receive the benefits of learning how to box without having to spar or compete in the ring. In addition, you will learn self-defense boxing skills.

Absolutely! Fitness boxing classes are non-contact boxing classes. We encourage a “train-at-your-intensity-level” workout philosophy.

The workout intensity level is the highest level you are most comfortable working out at. We train you at YOUR level. We do not expect or teach anyone to train at another person’s level. If necessary, we modify any part of a workout you aren’t able perform and tailor a program that fits you.

At minimum, you will need boxing gloves and hand wraps. The equipment you need to start training is available in our online boxing equipment store. We offer a variety of discount bundles to suit your training style. You can visit our store and order your fitness training gear and have it delivered or pick up at the gym.

No! Fitness boxing is for EVERYONE. Women of any age and men of any age are welcome to join our boxing fitness programs. Boxing helps older trainees maintain a healthy weight, improve balance and coordination. In addition to fitness, women benefit from the self-defense skills they learn to protect themselves against domestic violence. Everyone learns how to throw a punch and how to avoid being punched. Learning how to box provides the advantage of learning self-defense while getting in top physical condition.

Yes! We take Covid-19 seriously. Mad House Boxing Club follows all the recommended guidelines to slow the spread. We offer one-on-one classes and outdoor classes. Our classes are socially distant practicing state recommended precautions. Contact us for more details by calling (443) 289-6835

When you sign up for boxing classes you become a club member. We offer multiple program terms for flexibility. 6 month, 12 month, and 18 month programs are available. We also offer “Drop In” classes and “Punch Cards” for members who do not wish to commit to a monthly program. No matter which program you join, you become a member of Mad House Boxing Club.

We ask that members provide 30 days notice to cancel membership. Members must provide a medical reason for canceling their membership. You may cancel your membership if you provide proof of change of residence to be more than 20 miles outside of the gym’s area.

Choose a Membership. Join The Club!

Monthly Gym Membership Plans

Sign up for monthly membership and get UNLIMITED gym access and UNLIMITED boxing classes.

6 Months

$175per month
  • Unlimited Gym Classes
  • One-on-One & Group Lessons
  • 6 Month Commitment

12 Months

$165per month
  • Unlimited Gym Classes
  • One-on-One & Group Lessons
  • 12 Month Commitment

18 Months

$150per month
  • Unlimited Gym Classes
  • One-on-One & Group Lessons
  • 18 Month Commitment

Hit the Bag

$75per month
  • Gym Access
  • One Intro Class
  • 12 Month Commitment

*6 Month membership pricing applies to members 9 years old and up. 6 Month membership is $275 per month for 8 years old and under. Contact us for details.

Boxing Class Pass

Join the club with a gym pass and no commitment. Get full access to gym facilities and train with a boxing pro.

HIIT Boxing Class

$40per class
  • Gym Access
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Parking
  • Valid 1 Day

2 Weeks

$150/ 14 days
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Parking
  • Valid 14 Days

Punch Card 12

$420 / 12 classes
  • Full Gym Access
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Parking
  • Valid 45 Days

Punch Card 24

$820/ 24 classes
  • Full Gym Access
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Parking
  • Valid 90 Days
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