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Boxing for kids isn’t just a physical activity. This sport is a martial art and has many key benefits for children and young adults who are looking to develop physicality, become independent, and learn self-discipline. Whether your child wants to compete or simply learn a form of self-defense, boxing has this and more. Here are just a few benefits of boxing for kids.

Boxing Offers Many Health Benefits for Kids and Teens

Boxing has many key components to it. Students don’t just put on gloves and start hitting things – as a martial arts sport, boxing requires physical and mental discipline and skill. Done safely, boxing will unleash the athletic potential of any student and much more. Youth boxers gain life skills that will continue to motivate them throughout their lives.

Top 10 Benefits of Boxing for Kids 5-15

1.     Athletic Training and Conditioning

Boxing focuses on agility, speed, quickness, balance, and hand-eye coordination. Name a sport that doesn’t require these skills! Boxing is a great cross-training sport.

2.     Confidence Building

Boxing coaches teach children to believe in themselves and build this confidence through training proper technique and mental strategy. Once you get in the ring, you feel like you can accomplish anything in life. Being in diverse atmospheres lowers social anxiety while activities like punching the heavy bag drive out aggression and stress, while making athletes feel accomplished.

3.     Health and Proper Fitness

Being physically fit is critical at an early age. Most children who train in boxing tend to have lower, healthier Body Mass Index (BMI) levels than other kids. Obesity is unfortunately widespread in American youths. Boxing is a great solution to this. Boxers are known for their extreme endurance and power. This training is what keeps most boxers at a very low body fat content.

4.     Self-Defense

Knowing how to protect yourself is a critical skill for all boys and girls, especially at young ages. Youth boxing classes are great for developing the techniques needed for self-protection and the confidence to employ them when necessary. At Mad House we teach students how to avoid being hit while creating angles for punches during rounds to make themselves a smaller target. We also teach practical self-defense principals like knowing when to walk away or de-escalate a situation, and when self-defense is absolutely needed.

5.     Good Eating Habits

Positive eating habits come from staying in one weight class or having to make a weight class. Even non-competitive boxing encourages good habits of drinking water, which leads to a healthier lifestyle as an adult. At Mad House, our staff can also provide dietary and nutritional insight in training.

6.     Higher GPAs

Most boxing gyms, including Mad House, make sure each kid maintains a 3.0 GPA to be allowed to keep training at the gym. Homework must always be done before training. In addition to instilling self-discipline in the gym, boxing for kids encourages responsibility and dedication in all pursuits.

7.     Staying out of Trouble

Boxing is a passion and hobby for many kids and adults alike because of how it provides a constructive outlet to displace negative feelings and escape bad influences. This includes illegal activities like underage drinking and drug use. Many kids and teens turn away from these vices to embrace boxing and its emphasis on self-discipline.

8.     Humility and Patience

Boxing excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, patience, and humility to grow skills. At Mad House, we emphasize confidence, not arrogance. We believe that instilling an attitude of humility and respect are crucial for developing ladies and gentlemen of strong character. Boxing also teaches kids to relax and worry less in order to advance in their training.

9.     Social Skills

Social skills are important for boxing, as students must communicate and show good sportsmanship. Cultural diversity is also prominent in boxing. Being a worldwide sport, boxing brings together people of all races and walks of life. Students meet individuals and gain friends from cities like Baltimore and D.C., and even rural and suburban areas like Eldersburg and Sykesville, MD. Boxers come to embrace diversity and learn respect for all people.

10.  A Positive Support System

Boxing for kids is very much about providing an uplifting environment where young athletes can decompress, learn, and have fun around peers and positive leaders. Boxing encourages individuality and self-worth in all students. Coaches provide positive support and training to help athletes achieve their potential.

Finding a Good Boxing Program for Kids

Make sure the coaches of your prospective gym are fully qualified in both boxing and physical training for your child’s age range. This ensures both quality training and your kid’s safety. Engage with your coaches to see their approach to developing athletes and what their youth boxing program involves. At Mad House, we provide a blend of physical conditioning with fundamental boxing instruction with both sport and defense concentrations for a well-rounded curriculum.

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